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Founded in 1993 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Flyman Nathalie is a small-scale home industry. It expanded by supplying products to the Modern Market in Jakarta and beyond. The company grew further with a factory in Jakarta. Each year, Flyman Nathalie produces hundreds of thousands of dozens of underwear and distributes them across Indonesia.


Product offers high quality at an affordable price.


Soft and comfortable material for you and your family.


Durable and strong, with a fashionable style tailored for you.


Imagine the warmth of a family’s love surrounds you.
Embrace the matchless comfort, be carefree and never worry about the small things. Because it will always
be undoubtedly reliable anytime, anywhere. That’s
what family is for, and what Flyman made for you.


The unconditional love of a family makes sure you are free
like a butterfly, dancing through the wind yet your heart feels so warm, laughing heartily without any worries because it will always be reliable anytime, anywhere. That’s what family is for, and what Nathalie made for you.

fn kids

Fun facts! Elephants love their family very much! Always hugging and caring for their family. They are also reliable because they are able to solve problems like humans. And don’t worry, they won’t leave you, they live long to 70 years. This is a reflection of the warmth of a family’s love, and flymannathalie KIDS made for you.